White doves celebrate life at funerals, weddings & special events…

Releasing white doves uplifts spirits and celebrate life!

white dove release

Mother Theresa releasing a dove

The releasing of white doves is an ancient tradition throughout many parts of the world. Within the western hemisphere the white dove release is a relatively new and unique way of celebrating weddings, funerals or special events. The white dove is a universal symbol of peace, hope, love and faith and a symbol of our eternal spirit.

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Doves mate for life




Regardless of whether you are doing your own planning, working with a special event or wedding planner or your local funeral home, a white dove release will add unforgettable memories and celebrate milestone events like nothing else.

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Do you need a unique wedding idea?

Are you looking for fundraising ideas that will attract an audience?

Or do you need a creative anniversary idea? Think about releasing a white dove for every year to represent a birthday or anniversary.

White doves also make great party themes. What princess party wouldn’t love to release doves? Or a kid’s party to include a white dove release (1 dove for each birthday) and a small tame dove they can pet?


Maybe you are a teacher and you are looking for a short educational program that will include live animals, like birds? White Rock Doves (homing pigeons) have a fascinating history and make for an interesting interactive children’s program. We also have a very tame petting dove that is available for children to touch.

1 happy customer: Julia, we loved working with you. Your love of the birds and the message that you bring with them came through in a very special and moving way. You were so willing to share your knowledge and care of these beautiful creatures to everyone at our event. Your ability to interpret the setting and integrate the white dove release into our celebration was greatly admired and we would highly recommend your business to anyone. It is a beautiful and reflective way to mark an event.
Sincerely, Laura Carter July/2014

No matter what the event may be, wedding, funeral, memorial, or special event, white doves gracing the sky will uplift the spirits and celebrate life for all who witness it.


Do something really different! Celebrate a graduation, reunion, homecoming, bon voyage, or recovery with a memorable dove release.




Are you planning a memorial or funeral serviceHave you asked your funeral home about adding a white dove release to your ceremony? We work with you and your local Funeral homes to incorporate our services.  Was your loved one cremated? Pick a beautiful outdoor location, any time of the year, and we will provide a simple elegant and private memorial ceremony for family and friends.

Releasing white doves brings comfort and peace at a time of loss.

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This is our specialty. Allow us to write, create and present a personalized white dove release for your special event. Remember, we use only Rock Doves who are professionally trained to return to their home in Asheville, North Carolina.

large (8)Have you found a white dove?

Please visit the link below for questions concerning lost birds. Blog for White Dove Release Professionals

And visit the above link for interesting articles related to professional white dove releases.

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